The Benefits of Fishing Off Port Canaveral

January 24, 2019

Port Canaveral deep sea fishing is the central hub for your next deep sea fishing adventure. Port Canaveral is blessed with a near-perfect assortment of characteristics that make it the ideal launch pad for your Central Florida deep sea fishing charter. It is easily accessible with a variety of access points and its relatively close proximity to more than one airport. The non-fishing attractions are easy to access as well and there are several great options.

The beach is never too far away for a nice, relaxing time catching some waves or just sitting back and listening to them crash ashore. There is a wide variety of lodging options from upscale to more modest accommodations, but each with their own taste of the Port Canaveral flavor.

The nightlife is as exciting as the deep sea catches. Head over to one of the local bars for some live music or really get the club experience with a visit to Big Norm’s Club V, a floating club with all the trimmings.

How Much Central Florida Deep Sea Fishing Will Cost

While prices vary, it’s typical for deep sea fishing to run between $165 and $240 per hour. However, booking a full day trip can cost your significantly less, with a total of around $900 for the whole thing. This equates to about $100 per hour, a solid deal, particularly considering the amount, size, and variety of fish you will encounter.

Central Florida Deep Sea Fishing Charters

When it comes to choosing a Central Florida deep sea fishing charter, you have several decent options. The key is to choose the one with experience, knowledge, and the right boat and equipment for your needs. Given these requirements, Fin and Fly tops out the list. They have the crew, resources, and know how to give you the best deep sea fishing experience in Central Florida, one of the best fishing destinations in the entire world. Book your next fishing trip now!


What You Will Catch on a Central Florida Deep Sea Fishing Trip

The diversity of the fish you will encounter on a Central Florida deep sea charter is perhaps unmatched in the northern hemisphere—and maybe even the world. It would take volumes to outline all of the fish you will have a chance to catch, but here is a brief overview of some of a few of the main attractions.


The amberjack is in the jack family and although a relatively short fish, 2.5 feet long, it’s stocky, tipping the scales as much as 40 pounds. With all that muscle packed in, this fish puts up a nice little fight after getting hooked, making for an entertaining catch.


The kingfish is a main stay for the Central Florida fishing experience. It is known for its menacing teeth that reveal a distinct snarl across its narrow head. It is a powerful fish that loves to put up a fight, so get ready with the GoPro the second that rod doubles over.

Mahi Mahi

No Central Florida deep sea fishing charter fish list is complete without a tip of the hat to the mahi mahi. This fish is as delicious as it is stunning. It’s bold, bright colors give it the appearance of a classic tropical big catch, not to mention the odd-shaped, oversized, squarish head.


The grouper is a favorite all over the Caribbean. It’s a hungry fellow that eats without discrimination, swallowing pretty much anything it can get its big mouth around. It’s a hefty fish that can be found in a variety of areas, including reefs.


The sailfish’s reputation precedes itself. This is the ideal trophy fish. With its giant, spiked sail, and extended snout, it has an unmistakable look, and the only place it looks better than it does leaping out of the water is when it’s mounted on your wall. This fish puts up a nice challenge because it’s so powerful and agile. It can swim up to 22 mph, and it’s ready to give you a run for your money after you hook it. Prepare for a fun battle.

Black Fin Tuna

Another classic Central Florida deep sea fish is the black fin tuna. This powerful little beast can clock in around 46 pounds even though it’s only a few feet long. It’s appropriately named as its entire dorsal ridge is blackish in color, making for an attractive contrast with the rest of its body, which is far lighter, a luminescent white. Hook one of these babies and stoke up the grill for some delicious steak-thick fillets.

This just a small sampling of what you’ll be able to wrangle in during a Central Florida deep sea fishing charter. Make sure you bring your camera or water proof kit for your phone, because regardless of the catch, you’re going to want to have pictures to back up the stories.

Now that you’re an expert on the types of fish you can catch deep sea fishing in Central Florida, let us take you out to catch them! Book your charter online or by phone with Fin and Fly Fishing Charters today!

Central Florida Deep Sea Fishing Guide

There is nothing quite like a deep sea fishing trip. From grabbing your gear to reeling in that big catch to the stories told for years after, nothing beats it. Central Florida, world renowned as a top tourist destination, is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to deep sea fishing. While the reasons why could fill a book, here are several of the most compelling.

Convenient Location

All of the Central Florida deep sea fishing options are easy to get to, particularly from Orlando International Airport. Located about an hour from the eastern coast of Florida, Orlando International puts fishermen from out of town in close proximity to the hottest Central Florida deep sea charter spots. This way, if you want, you can arrive in the morning, and be out to sea before lunch. Nothing beats convenience.

Safe Charters

Safety is always a priority. Regardless of how fun and entertaining an activity is, safety cannot be compromised. With a Central Florida deep sea fishing charter, a safe trip is a priority and fairly easy to attain, given the location. While storm systems can hit anywhere, those that travel along a southwesterly course past the southern tip of Florida often leaving Central Florida unaffected. This means that a system that hits Cuba, Jamaica, and even the Bahamas may not have as a significant effect on the waters off Central Florida.

It’s nice to know you can go out and focus on relaxation instead of surprise storms. And if a storm does decide to swing through the area, an experienced fishing charter will get advance warning to keep everyone safe and sound. After it passes, the fish will still be there, waiting for the bait

Huge Variety of Fish

The variety of fish you will have access to on a Central Florida deep sea charter may be the most diverse in the world. Central Florida’s waters are well-suited for a broad range of unique catches. The currents help. As different currents converge, they encourage the migration of fish from one area to the next. The currents in the waters off Central Florida make it so fish from several different areas converge in a few central locations.

The temperature of the waters helps as well. The tropical temps experienced in Southern Florida combine with the more moderate temps seen in the Carolinas. This creates an ideal environment for many different types of fish. These fish attract a variety of predators, which attract us, the fishermen.

The underwater topography of Central Florida’s waters also makes for a nice, diverse catch. The combination of deep, more shallow, and super deep waters makes for the cross-migration of overlapping species, and this means many more choices for deep sea fishermen.

Nice Weather

There is nothing quite like the weather in Central Florida. Being slightly more north than Miami and other Southern Florida locales, some of the Florida heat is tempered by slightly cooler temps and temperate coastal breezes. The average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and even in the winter time, the mercury still reaches up to an average a little over 60 degrees. There are very few “bad days” in Central Florida, and this makes for consistently great deep sea fishing charters.

If the weather does get a little choppy, you can depend on your guide to give you advanced warning and have the confidence that the experience overall will be safe. Because the weather systems are more straightforward than those of, say, the Northeast, a good day for fishing typically stays a good day for fishing, and there are fewer surprises. The convergence of weather systems seen in the New England area is not an issue in Central Florida. There is some rain, however, but rainfall is fairly easily predicted. The most rain falls during the month of July, and August comes in second place as the wettest month. Even so, July and August are also among the sunniest months, partially because the rainfall is often short-lived. So, regardless of the time of the year, Central Florida deep sea charters offer overall great weather, so you can enjoy a nice day angling.

Many Places to Stay

Another advantage of choosing Central Florida as your deep-sea charter destination are the many options you have for places to stay. There are literally hundreds of hotels in the Central Florida region. Each has its own flavor and panache—or lack thereof if you feel like something more simple.

One of the benefits of being in the Central Florida area is you can choose from established, household name hotels and some more boutique spots as well. If you would like to play it safe and stay in something like a Ramada, La Quinta, or Best Western, there are tons of options. On the other hand, you can choose a more specific style of hotel to custom fit the experience.

There are even fishing lodges designed to cater to the needs and tastes of fishermen. This allows you to get in the spirit from the moment you check in. Naturally, there is also a long list of hotels on or near the water. Choosing a place with a location this convenient has several benefits. You can wake up a little later, which makes for a more relaxing day overall. Also, after a long day of deep sea fishing, your trip back to the hotel will be shorter. And that’s a good thing because after a nice day out at sea, you don’t want to be driving long distances–all you’re going to want to do is kick back and crack open a cold one.

Close to World Famous Attractions

One of the biggest perks about deep sea fishing charters in Central Florida is the area’s proximity to some of the most famous attractions in the world. The variety of world famous attractions nearly rivals the variety of fish.

The Kennedy Space Center was built in 1967, and is the destination of choice for 1.5 million guests every year. If you have kids who are coming along for your fishing trip to Central Florida, they are going to love all of the different facets of the Space Center, whether it be the Shuttle Launch Experience of the gigantic IMAX shows. And even if you don’t have kids, you can fish one day and then get a little history lesson about the space program the next. It’s open seven days a week starting at 9:00 a.m.

Walt Disney World is an adventure as deep and awe-inspiring as the ocean in which you’ll be reeling in fish. You may want to incorporate two days into your fishing trip in order to get the full Disney experience—or perhaps you can do just one and then go back the following year to get the rest. Covering 39 square miles and almost 25,000 acres, Disney is larger than life. There’s even a feature that’s a perfect match for your Central Florida deep sea charter experience: The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Maybe you or your kids can spot some of the fish you were reeling in the day before.

The Kennedy Space Center and Walt Disney World are just two of the many, many auxiliary attractions that can help spice up your Central Florida deep sea fishing charter experience. You can go on what amounts to a U.S. safari as you explore wild Florida, checking out the gators the area is famous for. Of course, you can take an exciting yet beautiful airboat tour and skim your way through the Everglades. There’s even the option of swimming with the manatees or indoor skydiving. You get the point: there’s so much more to do than just fishing—although that is awesome in and of itself, especially considering what you’ll be reeling in.


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