Florida Shark Fishing Charters with Fin & Fly

Catch sharks right off the shore of Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and near Orlando!

Central Florida is one of the best places for shark fishing. Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach & Orlando are minutes away from a deep shelf that is a great habitat for sharks!

On our shark charters, you can sometimes see them on the surface, tailing their way across the water. Some will attack your bait as you’re dropping it down or as you’re reeling it back up. They may also go after another nice fish that you have on your line!

Depending on the size of the shark, you might be battling for a while! You’ll be fishing for the apex predators of the sea, and the biggest sharks can take over an hour to land.

Shark fishing charters are action-packed. They make an amazing experience for anglers of any age or fishing experience level!

Benefits of a Private Shark Fishing Charter

Privately chartering your own boat is the best way to catch sharks. Our captain and crew can customize your trip any way that you like. Whether you prefer to stay close to shore or venture into the deep sea, a private shark charter is your best bet for a fun fishing adventure!

Types of Shark Fishing Charters in Florida

Most charters are during the day time. We can go shark fishing at any time – it’s not like the movie jaws where you have to go at night. We run in the morning, afternoon and evening. We prefer to go shark fishing during the day because it can make for a more enjoyable fishing experience.

If you are looking for a night shark fishing trip, we offer those as well! Night fishing for sharks is a fun experience. It can be a little spooky on the water at night, but our experienced captains know how to make your trip safe and fun.

Near Shore Shark Fishing Charters

One of our favorite types of shark fishing charters is nearshore shark fishing. On these trips, our boats usually stay within a few hundred yards of the shore! Some trips we’ll go a little farther out, up t a mile offshore. The close distance to shore means you’ll be setup fishing for sharks just a few minutes after we leave the port!

Offshore Shark Fishing Charters

If you are looking for a true open ocean adventure, we offer deep sea shark fishing charters. Our bigger boats will take you out to deeper water, where you may be able to catch more types of sharks. These trips can either be a half day or full day.

Half day offshore shark fishing trips travel up to 20 miles out. Full day trips travel 15 to 30 miles out.

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Fin and Fly Fishing Charters - Shark Fishing Charter
Shark Fishing Charter

$550 1-6 people

What Types of Sharks Do We Catch?

Central Florida is one of the best spots for shark fishing. So many types of sharks live in the waters near Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Orlando. Some of the species we catch include:

  • Atlantic sharp nose sharks
  • Black nose sharks
  • Black tip sharks
  • Nurse sharks
  • Bull sharks
  • Tiger sharks
  • Sand tiger sharks
  • Sand barns sharks
  • Fine tooth
  • Spinner sharks
  • Scalloped hammer head sharks
  • Bonnet head sharks
  • Regular hammerhead sharks

Do we keep sharks that you catch?

Some shark species we can keep, some we can’t. Depends on size and regulations at the time of the catch. Most people do catch and release.

What is Included on Our Deep Sea Charters


  • Fishing licenses
  • Bait and lures
  • Cooler with ice
  • Photos of your catch
  • Conventional Fishing Gear


  • Rain Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Snacks/lunch
  • Beverages of choice
  • Camera
    (if you prefer to take your own pictures also)

When is the best time of year to go shark fishing?

Shark fishing is all year, but every day is a new day! We catch these awesome creatures throughout the entire year, meaning that every season is shark fishing season. Ocean conditions play a part in the success of our trips, but our captains do everything they can to find the sharks.

Just check out our reviews! We rarely have an unsuccessful trip.

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