Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charter: 10 Lunch Ideas to Bring on a Guided Fishing Charter

October 4, 2019

Are you planning to go out on a Mosquito Lagoon fishing charter? You will want to make sure that you have everything you need, including your lunch. Of course, figuring out the types of foods that you should bring to make up a lunch can be daunting, especially for those who do not have much time out on the water. What’s a good fishing meal or snack? Below, you will find 10 options, some of which have been staples of fishing trips for many years.


Sandwiches are one of the tried and true fishing lunches and they probably have been since their invention. They are easy to make, and you can make them while you are on the go, or beforehand if you prefer. You can have the sandwiches be as simple or as complex as you would like. They could have deli meats, tomatoes, lettuce, and the like. They might just be some potted meat, a PBJ, or something bought from Subway and put into a cooler. There are options that just about everyone will enjoy.

Fruit Salad

A simple fruit salad can provide you with the additional energy you need, and it is a simple enough lunch to make. You can cut up some apples, oranges, and other favorite types of fruit. Mix them up, put them in a secure plastic container, and then stick them into your cooler.

Peanut Butter with Apples and Crackers

This lunch is filling and tasty, not to mention healthy. A jar of peanut butter can often last for a couple of trips or be enough for everyone on the boat. Slice some apples, grab some crackers, and then slather on the peanut butter. You will get carbs, fats, and protein.


Aside from fruit salad, consider making a lettuce or spinach salad, as well. Add tomatoes, onions, olives, and other vegetables that you like. Put it into an airtight plastic container. Also, bring along some salad dressing, as well as any cheese or croutons you might want. Don’t forget the fork.

Pasta Salad

Another type of salad that is easy enough to put into a container and take along with you is pasta salad. There are many different types available. You might even want to make a tuna pasta salad to have some extra protein.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is always a good snack. You can make your own or find some that are already made and mixed for you. It’s a great source of energy, and a quick and easy lunch no matter where you might be.

Granola/Protein Bars

Along the same lines, protein bars and granola can be excellent snacks and lunches, as well. They have the calories and the nutrition you need to remain alert and energetic out on the water.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky, whether you make your own or buy some from the store is one of the most perfect foods for traveling, and for fishing. It’s easy to eat, it’s tasty and comes in a number of flavors, and it is a solid solution for a fast meal, especially when paired with the next item on the list


Slices or hunks of cheese can be a great addition to other snacks to help round out lunch. Whether it is paired with jerky, sandwiches, salads, fruit salads, or anything else, cheese is a welcome addition, at least for those who are not lactose intolerant.

Protein Shakes

Finally, consider protein shakes. You can find those that are already made and only need to be pulled from the cooler and shaken. You could also bring along your own bag of mix and shaker bottle, so you can make it while you are on the go.

These are 10 good options that you can take with you on a fishing charter for your lunch. In fact, to get some well-rounded meals, you will likely want to take a few of the options on this list with you on your trip. You want to make sure you have enough to eat that you are not getting hungry while you are out on the water. You also want to have fare that is relatively light, as well. This reduces the chance of seasickness. If you’ve never been out on the ocean in a relatively small boat, you will want to err on the side of caution in most cases – go light.

In addition, you will notice that the items on this list do not need to be heated up to be enjoyed. Even if the fishing charter says that they can let you heat up your food on the boat, it is not something that you should rely on when you are preparing your snacks. You want to be sure that you are able to prepare your food, so you don’t have to rely on your friends to feed you. Even if the charter offers to provide lunches, you should bring along some of your own snacks.


Inshore Fishing: Mosquito Lagoon

Inshore Fishing: Mosquito Lagoon

September 26, 2018

With grassy flats, scattered islands, mangrove shorelines, and deep basins, fishing Mosquito Lagoon is an inshore angler’s paradise.

Redfish Capital of the World

Widely considered the “Redfish Capital of the World”, Mosquito Lagoon is known for its abundance of redfish. Mosquito Lagoon is filled with redfish throughout the year, making it one of the most unique places to fish for them.

The majority of redfish leave the flats for coastal waters once they mature, but most of Mosquito Lagoon’s redfish never leave its shallow waters. This makes the lagoon one of the only places anglers are able to stalk redfish through the clear waters and cast on sight.

Tackle on the Lagoon

The best reels to use for fishing on Mosquito Lagoon are ones that are tough and allow you to feel any slight movement. A baitcasting reel is light and accurate, providing you with a lot more power to help you haul in your catch.

As for lures, artificial shrimp lures that are near clear in color come highly recommended. It looks and moves like a shrimp in any type of water or weather, and will make for an exhilarating catch when the lure skims the surface. Redfish associate the surface with food, and will charge at your lure like a heat-seeking missile.

Fishing Seasons

While redfish can be caught all year long, Mosquito Lagoon fishing conditions and techniques vary by season. The waters in the winter and spring are low, clear, and cool. This causes most fish to move toward the shallow flats where the water is warm, which makes sight fishing ideal. The best times to fish are usually in the afternoon or evening, when the water is at its warmest.

The water in Mosquito Lagoon becomes foggier in the warmer months. Sight fishing is still possible on the grass flats and on the edges in slightly deeper water. Fishing is usually best in the very early morning or in the afternoons.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters

Drift the drop offs, basins, spoil islands, and shorelines of Mosquito Lagoon’s backcountry with Fin and Fly’s inshore fishing charter. Catch the abundant redfish and enjoy a day fishing on Florida’s most unique lagoon fishing experience.Book online or by phone with Fin and Fly today!

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