Orlando Travel – What Should Be on the Bucket List?

Orlando Travel – What Should Be on the Bucket List?

March 15, 2019

Orlando is easily one of the most popular spots to visit in all of Florida. Over the years, it has become a hot tourist destination for a number of different reasons. If you plan to travel to Orlando at any point in the near future, there are certain things that you certainly want to make sure you do. You can consider these items that you should put on your Orlando bucket list.

Visit the Tibet Butler Nature Preserve

Do you like the idea of getting out and enjoying nature? If you do, then you will certainly want to make it a point to visit this preserve. It is located just a short distance west of Orlando and it offers trails that loop through many of the major habitats in the area. You can find trails to go through longleaf pine forest, swamp areas, around lakes and more. There are many different types of animals that make their home in the area, too, so you might want to bring your camera along.

Visit the Kenney Space Center

This is one of the most interesting places to visit, and it is only about an hour away. This is the launch headquarters for NASA and you can find a wealth of interesting attractions to enjoy. See rockets, space shuttle exhibits and more.

Relax at the Beach

Of course, you don’t have to fill up every single day of your vacation with going out and doing different activities. You might find that you just want to have a day or two where you relax. Taking the short drive to the beach is a wonderful way to do this. Spend some time sitting on the sands and staring out into the deep blue of the Atlantic.

Ripley’s Believe Ir or Not!

This museum is not like most others out there. You will find that the Orlando location for the museum has 10,000 square feet of rare and interesting items, as well as oddities. You can find, for example, a kit that was used for killing vampires. It includes the world’s largest tire, an antigravity pool table, and a range of galleries. You are allowed to take photos in the museum, and with all of the strangeness that it offers, you are sure to want to take plenty to post online and keep for your memories.

Take an Airboat Ride

Taking an airboat ride is something that you will certainly want to do when you are in Florida, and you will find some great options in the Orlando area. You can travel through the Everglades by skimming across the surface of the water in one of these fun and interesting boats. Make sure you take your camera along with you, as the Everglades is home to a range of wildlife including turtles and alligators.

The Theme Parks

Of course, we really can’t talk about the Orlando area without at least touching on the theme parks. This is a city with what seems to be a countless number of theme parks, and that’s not a bad thing. It means that there will always be plenty for you and your family to do. However, as you can see from the list, theme parks are just one aspect of the area. Some of the top parks that you might want to consider include Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Legoland, Discovery Cove, and Gatorland.


If you are heading to Orlando, you have a lot more to do than just visit the amusement parks and museums, of course. Since the city is only a short drive away from the ocean, and because there are so many lakes and rivers in the area, why not head out and do some fishing? You can go deep sea fishing if you would like, or you could head to one of the rivers. However, if you have the most luck fishing, you will certainly want to hire a fishing charter, such as Fin & Fly, to help you along the way. They can help to make the trip more successful and more enjoyable.

As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful things that you can see, do, and enjoy when you spend time in Orlando. These are just some of the options that are available. Think about what you want from your vacation, and you can be sure that Orlando will have plenty of options that are perfect for you.





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