Orlando fishing charters

Go after the big ones on your next visit to Florida when you book an Orlando fishing charter with Fin and Fly. We're rated one of the top fishing charters in the state, offering unparalleled opportunities for deep sea, inshore, and river fishing. We're situated close to the best Orlando entertainment and accommodations.

Florida offers some of the best opportunities for charter fishing with its more than 2,200 miles of shoreline, and Orlando is home to some of the best fishing waters in Florida. Still, not all fishing charters are created equally. Some of us have more experience than others. Some of us have better boats and equipment than others. Perhaps more importantly, some of us have started our businesses because we love fishing, and we love being on the water. For example, at Fin and Fly, we offer one of the best Orlando fishing charters in existence because we love what we do and we've been fishing these waters our whole lives.

There are many Orlando fishing charters that exist purely because there is a large business opportunity for fishing charters in Florida. What does it matter, you may wonder? When you have a fishing charter like Fin and Fly who knows these waters like the backs of our hands and is passionate about what we do, you're going to have a much better experience! Another thing that makes our Orlando fishing charters stand out from the rest is the quality of our boats and equipment. Because we hold our guests in high esteem, we want to give them nothing less than the best every time. This means new boats, new equipment, and well-maintained vessels.

What Kind of Boats Do Orlando Fishing Charters Use?

We can't speak for any other fishing charter, but at Fin and Fly, we use excellent boats, such as the 32ft Blackfin Sportfishing Boat, the 168 Phantom Ranger, and the Skeeter 24ft. Each boat is used for different kinds of trips. For example, the 32ft Blackfin Sportfishing Boat is used for offshore and deep sea fishing. The 168 Phantom Ranger is great for shallow water fishing, and the Skeeter 24ft is ideal for inshore fishing and can easily travel many miles offshore quickly to get to the fish.

Are Charter Fishing Trips Safe?

At Fin and Fly, we take our passengers' safety very seriously. For this reason, all of our captains and crew members are highly trained and highly experienced on the sea. We take all the precautionary steps imaginable to ensure that the people we hire are ones who will operate safely, soberly, and with a level head at all times. Our vessels are maintained by some of the best boat maintenance technicians in Florida. Plus, Fin and Fly is fully licensed and insured for your protection.

In the event of an emergency, our team is trained to deal with fires, accidents, and any kind of natural or man-made emergency that could possibly come up. We'll do whatever is needed in the situation to keep you safe.

How to Contact Fin and Fly

If you would like to contact us, you may do so via the Contact page on this website found in the menu bar. You may also book your trip from our website at any time.

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Orlando fishing charters
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