Used Street Legal Golf Carts For Sale

Article provided by: Cary Cart Company

Used Street Legal Golf Carts For Sale

Used Street Legal Golf Carts for Sale

Buying anything new is a fun experience especially for big-ticket items like a large HDTV, a great sound system or a car. It will be shiny and flawless and with lots of new “bells and whistles” that you will enjoy for many years along with a full warranty. But haven’t you noticed how quickly that aura of newness wears off and the object becomes just another normal possession?

If a buyer can resist the allure of that new car smell or removing that styrofoam factory packaging from some appliance, then there are some great deals that can be found. This is especially true with golf carts as the spring and summer months approach and golfers begin using the carts for their Sunday afternoon golf game.

For people in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, one of the best places to buy a new or used custom golf cart is the Cary Cart Company. They specialize in the manufacture of street legal golf carts and have a large selection of new and used carts for sale. Not only will you be able to drive on the golf course in style, but the used street legal golf carts for sale will also allow you to travel around town on local roads and not have to purchase any gas.

Kick the Tires

There are certain things to look for when purchasing a used golf cart:

  • Take a good look at the tires. If the tires show uneven wear, then this might indicate some problems with the alignment or steering mechanism. If the tires are not of the same brand, ask the seller what happened to the original tires.
  • Give it a good test drive to check the steering. Does the cart “pull” to one side? Does the wheel have excessive “play” that could indicate a worn component that is expensive to replace? Look for a quiet, smooth ride and listen carefully to hear any whining or clicking noises emanating from the drive train.
  • Batteries – Even good quality batteries will need to be replaced after 3 to 5 years especially when used during the hot North Carolina summers. Check the age stamp on the batteries. If they are not all the same age this might indicate that the cart was part of a fleet and subjected to heavy use.
  • Thoroughly check the brakes for any grinding or squealing noises. Look for any rusting in the wheel area that might indicate a poorly maintained brake system.
  • A leaky battery can drip highly corrosive acid onto the metal frame below so be sure to check out the frame integrity
  • Be sure that any wiring is the work of a professional and not full of duct tape repairs and dangling wires. The batteries produce a high current flow of power that will heat a shorted wire and put you at risk of being burned or worse.

Eliminate the worry and call Carry Cart Company

Purchasing a custom cart from Cary Cart Company will eliminate your worries as all their used street legal golf carts for sale are checked out by trained technicians. All street legal carts will have a VIN number and other paperwork that you will need for the DMV. For warranty information on new and used carts call 910-239-0869 or contact them by email using the online form with your contact information.

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