things to do in Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is a well-known tourist destination in Florida. Dozens of ship dock to drop visitors from the Carribean and the United States. The location of the port favors adventures from the locality as well as the opulent surroundings such as Orlando. The warm weather favors plenty of outdoorsy activities.

Port Canaveral tours have local guides that are rich in knowledge, display professionalism, and a relatable friendliness. Fin & Fly can take you off the beaten path and into the wonders of the water and the bountiful nature. A few extra days in your vacation schedule will not seem adequate to explore all the fascinations of things to do in Port Canaveral.

Things to do in Port Canaveral

Explore nature

The waters of the Banana River Lagoon come alive during the summer, with wondrous bioluminescence. Booking an exploration charter will get you close enough to witness the school of mullet swimming beneath the kayak. The site resembles green fast swimming glass bottles that go in and out of the deep waters and onto the surface. A fishing guide will take you to places you would not deem worth exploring.

Afternoon tours at the Banana River Lagoon will have multiple sites of dolphins, Stingrays, Manatee, and many more species. The Manatee species enjoy warm weather and ill typically feed on the seagrass at the boardwalk. Birds enjoy looming over the waters in search of prey.

Park trips

The city individual is only attuned to the relaxation at the city park, as a way of bonding with nature. Lori Wilson Park at the Cocoa Beach is a whole world away from the natural park. The beachside settings are perfect for getaways with friends and family. It is complete with sports equipment like playgrounds, barbecue grills, volleyball games, and nature walks.

Lori Wilson is free of the stresses of a public park and abundant in relaxation spots and activities. It has available restrooms, showers, vendors, dog parks and water fountains to accommodate a full day’s schedule.  Parking is free of charges, and alcoholic drinks are limited to the designated area.

The Cherie Down Park is a 6.99 acre. You will also enjoy the well-reserved seagrasses and dunes. The amenities available include fountains, showers, picnic shelters, benches, and grills, among others.

Kennedy Space Center

This tourist destination has to be one of the iconic attractions at Canaveral. It is where the American dream of space exploration begins and inspires visitors to witness the science of rockets. The center has groupings of attractions and tours, which follow a chronological order. The designated tour guide will give you an accurate analysis of all the ongoing missions and the connection of humans with space.

Feel the art

The Airforce and Missile museum is a unique art center with relics of the militant inventions of the United States. The Ruth Funk Center and Foosaner Art museums display collections that are educative and entertaining to all ages of viewers. Enjoy the collections which have gained international and national recognition by booking a tour to Port Canaveral at any time of the year.


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