things to do in cocoa beach Fl

Florida is bountiful and the things to do in Cocoa Beach FL include taking advantage of beautiful coastline. Fly fishing is a relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding hobby. Fin and Fly, with a new and expanded fleet, provides anglers fun in the Florida sun.

What types of fish live near Cocoa Beach?

Florida lies where the cold Atlantic meets the warm Caribbean. Cocoa beach just out from Orlando into the Atlantic giving our anglers access to Redfish, Sea Trout, and Black Drum. When deep sea fishing is open, fresh Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo will grace your pallet.

Large numbers of baitfish migrate up and down the beach towards Cape Canaveral each winter. While the North freezes, we catch fish around the clock.

When is deep sea fishing allowed in Florida?

Our fish are a resource. As a fishing expedition company, we take the imposed seasons seriously. Depleting our bounty would ruin the fun for everyone. Still, being in a relatively plentiful part of the coast creates opportunity year-round.

Different fish are in season for different parts of the year. Grouper season starts May 1st with fall seeing excellent conditions for Sailfish, Red snapper, and even sharks. Something you want is always available.

River fishing in Florida

For those who want to avoid a trip to the deep blue ocean, the Cocoa Beach area is home to multiple rivers. The Banana as well as Indian Rivers teem with freshwater fish. The Mosquito lagoon is another popular spot for the everyday angler.

Lakes supply many estuaries west of historic Cocoa Village. You never know what lurks in the murky waters. When waves are high or you just want to relax on land, river fishing with our guides is an excellent way to catch dinner or just catch and release.

What is the weather like in Florida?

The temperature is warm, and the sun often shines. There are some stormy days and weeks but, overall, you will find your vacation filled with free time to roam the beach and fish. Anyone looking to travel during hurricane season should check the Weather Channel.

Chances are, you are reading this during one of our peak seasons. There are 233 sunny days each year in Cocoa Beach, above the average in the United States. Temperatures range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit in January to eight degrees or higher in July. Pack your sunscreen and shorts while leaving blizzards behind.

Things to do in Cocoa Beach FL

Cocoa beach is a land of enchantment. Surfing, lounging, fish fries, and fishing are all at your fingertips. Golf at the famous Cocoa Beach Country Club or visit the historic Cocoa Village. There is something for the whole family as well.

Nothing provides quite like the sea. Fresh fish add a delicious meal to your itinerary while our guides provide unparalleled relaxation on our area's rivers and out in the deep blue sea.

If you are looking for something fun providing you with an excellent dinner, get in touch with our experts today.

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things to do in cocoa beach Fl
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