things to do in Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral sees many weekend activities by people who prefer to leave behind their gaming consoles and remnant work to enjoy fishing. The expansive scenario at Canaveral and the availability of fishing activities is worth forgetting about emails and other demanding mundane routines. Indulge yourself in a fishing activity by one of the highly-rated charters in the region.

Tranquil river fishing

Cape Canaveral is home to a few of the most sought after fish species. The hotspots for these fish is the Redfish Capital in Central Florida. You will find inshore and river fish with the guidance of Fin and Fly fishing charters. River fishing is a relaxing option that will keep you alert and considerably jovial without the strain of an extreme fishing sport. Some of the species in the region include:

  • Trout
  • Tarpon
  • Snook
  • Black Drum
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Sheepshead

Adrenaline inducing fishing

One of the things to do in Cape Canaveral is shark fishing. This activity tests your apex predatory skills and produces almost animalistic self-esteem. Sharks are an intimidating bunch of fish that will challenge your techniques and resist capture with force unlike that of a small river fish.

Hunting sharks is an all-encompassing activity that will entice people of all ages and variations. You can catch a fish of any age and size when you have all the necessary angling tools. It is important to know all the tools and tackle required before heading out for the challenge.

How to catch sharks

Sharks have an incredible sense of smell. They can smell blood from a mile away. Fin and Fly require that you carry your bait for the expedition. Use fresh meat or fish bait to draw in the sharks. The fishing guide will also give pointers to some of the most populated spots to make a successful catch.

The most common fish baits are mackerel and bluefish. Other baits include amberjack, cobia, kingfish, ladyfish, and permit. Mounting a skirt near the hook will deceive the shark into thinking that the bait is alive. You can do so by cutting the backbone from head to tail. Leave all the parts intact and hook the bait on the eyes and lower lip.

You will enjoy cruising around some of the areas that birds frequent, anticipation of baiting one. Small fresh fish are a delicacy for the birds and could signal that sharks are also a regular in the zone. The fishing guide has experience in moving the boat in a slow manner that will drive off the prospects.

Why Fin and Fly

You will acknowledge the professionalism, passion, and expertise of the crew the moment you meet. The team has a passion for fishing, and they vividly express the enthusiasm to other people. Each fishing charter has a superb boat, which maintains ultimate cleanliness.

Fin and Fly is one of the best consultants when you are looking at things to do in Cape Canaveral. Third-party review platforms like Trip Advisor are evidence that you will have a memorable weekend whether you choose to fish for small or bigger fish.

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