Hawaii Auto Transport

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Hawaii Auto Transport

Moving to a new location has a long list of to-do tasks, including a change of the driver’s license. You may wish to move your car to the new location instead of starting another car hunt. The main complication will be in deciding whether you need to move your current vehicle to the new location.

Should you transport your car?

The sale of your car is usually a personal choice with a background of several logical analysis. We suggest following these determinant criteria while considering the move:

  • Age of the vehicle – You can always sell an old and cranky car because its transportation is usually an unnecessary expense
  • The best car for the island – The car you use in Texas may not be ideal for Hawaii because it’s too hot and not convenient for off-roading in quick beachy sands
  • Budget – Fuel costs are slightly higher on the island and will change your usual rate of refueling

Cheap ways of transporting your car to Hawaii

You may finally realize that the pros of transporting your vehicle to Hawaii outweigh the pros of finding a new means of transport on arrival. The next logical thought is deciding the best and cheapest way of moving the vehicle. Here are a few critical choices:

  • Drive the car to the port where the shipment company will move it to the destination port
  • Put the car in a container through a shipment company’s service

The second option is better if you do not want to deal with the logistics of self-driving to the port. You will also not have to worry about the safety of the car and the container’s location onboard. Mr. Car Shipper has enough experience to straddle your vehicle in the right way and ensure that the container has enough documentation for better protection through the journey.

Documents needed for Hawaii auto transport

Car title

A title that lists several owners should include letters from each one about the permission to move



The ID must match the picture on the registration details and vehicle title

Preparing the car for transport

Shipping companies include several requirements to ensure the safe transportation of the vehicle.

  • The car should have at least a quarter of its full fuel during the time of shipment
  • Disconnect the alarm system and battery before the shipment
  • Clear the vehicle of all personal items
  • Remove accessories that are not original parts of the car. These include portable stereo tools, bike racks, steering wheel locks, and tailgate nets.
  • Prepare a spare key to give the auto transport firm, while the other one stays with you.

Hawaii auto transport of vintage, sports or specialty cars

The auto-transport company will investigate your vehicle to verify whether it needs extra protection before or during the move. Transport with a container will, however, offer extra protection against rust to moisture from the ocean and damage to a recent and fragile restoration job.

The above conditions are not exhaustive of the transportation of the car. Contact us for details about your specific car’s move and a free quote that applies to your vehicle at the time of the move.

Hawaii Auto Transport
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