Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral Fishing Report – February 2017

Its the beginning of yet another month so I hope everyone had an awesome new year and caught plenty of fish. During the course of this month there are many different species to target whether you like to fish the inshore species or the nearshore species.

I'll start off by talking about the nearshore fishing, depending on the person whether you like slow trolling or sight fishing there’s both right now to do. Slow trolling for king fish is hot right now along with some sailfish in the mix. If you can find live bait like pogies, greenies, or thread fins then your golden. If you can make your own king fish rigs a light wire with two treble hooks will do the job. The equipment I like to use for slow trolling for kings or sailfish is a Shimano TLD20 matched with a Shimano Tallus Blue water rod with thirty to forty pound mono. There is also triple tail and cobia to target which are a ton of fun to sight fish on fly or spinning rod. When your out looking for triple tail look for color changes or floating sargasm. On the color changes where there’s a good temperature change is where I would also look for the cobia. Live bait, jigs, and live shrimp will be your best baits when targeting them.

The inshore bite is also on fire, redfish and trout are the main species to target until the black drum show up in good numbers. The winter time is also the best time to target big sea trout, as we get these cold fronts it pushes all the fish into deeper holes on the flats and if you find the right hole its like catching fish out of a bath tub. In the mix of the trout and redfish there is also black drum which too are a lot of fun to catch. If you’ve never caught one before they fight just like redfish but there not as spooky, the only thing that can frustrate you is they can be very picky sometimes. My choice of lures are the gulp jerk shads and shrimp along with Logic Lures soft plastics.

Well that's all I have for you this month so good luck out there and tight lines!!

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