Cape Canaveral Fishing Charters

Fishing has evolved from its primitive beginnings as a means to obtain food for communities to sport fishing for fun and Cape Canaveral fishing charters by Fin and Fly. Similar to hunting, fishing has big game and small game, and becoming a great fisher requires years of practice. You have to know where the fish are, which is the best tackle for each fish, and you have to know the psychology of the fish you're "hunting." Further, you have to know your equipment. You have to know which tools to use to catch the fish you want. Indeed, fishing is a sport, regardless of the fisher's intent.

Why Choose Fin and Fly?

Fin and Fly is by far one of the best Cape Canaveral fishing charters today. Our charters offer some of the best deep sea fishing where tuna, shark, sailfish, and kingfish, among many other deep-sea fish, are being pulled in daily. Fin and Fly provides free photography as a courtesy to our guests, so you people will believe you when you say you caught a 500-pound tuna.

If you're not a deep sea guy or gal, that's no problem! Fin and Fly offers guided Cape Canaveral fishing charters for inshore and nearshore fishing as well. You can always see our latest charters on Instagram or book your trip today on our website.

What are the Benefits of Fishing Charters?

Fishing charters are ideal for inexperienced and first-time fishers. Our captains do a fantastic job of educating and making sure that each fishing charter is very safe and very fun. Plus, they'll make sure you catch lots of fish. One of the benefits of our Florida fishing charters is that you get to learn as you go.

Of course, even experienced inland fishers need guidance when fishing in new waters, especially deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. For example, if a person is experienced in fishing for bass or trout; it's a completely different experience fishing for tuna, shark, and other big game fish.

Another benefit of our fishing charters is convenience. With Fin and Fly Cape Canaveral fishing charters, all you have to do is have fun. We take care of everything else. We supply the boats, the captains, the snacks, the beer, the soft drinks, the food, the ice boxes, the ice, the air-conditioned cabins and bunks; all you have to do is show up!

Which is the Best Fishing Charter in Cape Canaveral?

Naturally, every fishing charter is likely going to try to convince you that theirs is the best. With FIn and Fly, you don't have to take our word for it. Fin and Fly has a 5-star rating with Tripadvisor, Google, and Facebook. All of our vessels are in compliance with US regulations and guidelines. You can expect a safe, fun, and memorable fishing trip with Fin and Fly.

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