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Who wants to go fishing in Cape Canaveral? Fin and Fly Charters is home to the best Cape Canaveral fishing tours in the United States! If you didn't know; Cape Canaveral is home to some of the most coveted fishing waters in the world, and you now have a chance to experience what only a relatively few people will get to experience in their lifetimes by booking a chartered fishing trip with Fin and Fly Charters; Cape Canaveral fishing at its finest! Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman/woman, our team provides fun, safe, and educational chartered fishing expeditions for all.

The Fin and Fly team has the experience, the boats, and the tackle that are needed to ensure a fun time for everyone in the beautiful waters of Cape Canaveral. We know these waters like the backs of our hands, which means that we can ensure a safe trip for you, and you will give yourself the best chance to catch fish by chartering with Fin and Fly.

What Kind of Fishing Charters are Available in Cape Canaveral?

Fin and Fly offers both nearshore and deep water fishing for enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and outdoors lovers alike. However, Cape Canaveral charters are considered to be ‘offshore’ fishing trips. When we go out for offshore fishing, we usually catch anything from shark to mahi-mahi, wahoo, and even sailfish. The waters in Cape Canaveral are teaming with life, and we almost always catch fish when we go out. Because we have been doing this so long, we know these waters like the backs of our hands, and we have got all of the best fishing spots mapped out.

What You Can Expect When You Fish with Fin and Fly

When you charter a fishing trip with Fin and Fly, there are few things you can expect from us, some of them we’ve already touched on briefly:

#1: A fun time

Fin and Fly has provided fishing charters in Cape Canaveral for countless guests. Each group is a little bit different from the previous one. Suffice it to say; we feel confident in saying that we have dealt with all kinds of people from every walk of life. We do our best to adjust and cater to the guest to make sure that they have a great time fishing with us.

#2: A safe time

The safety of our guests is our number one priority at all times. Therefore, we have all of the equipment on-board that can save your life in the event of an emergency. Fin and Fly also utilizes the best practices and protocols when chartering our guests. Additionally, we educate our guests on basic safety standards.

#3: A memorable time

Catching fish is an important part of a fishing charter. None of us want to go on dry runs, and we know that our guests don’t either. Fishing charters with Fin and Fly are 99% successful. Contact us today to book your Cape Canaveral fishing charter with us.

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